[Q/A] 1Z0-932 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Certification Day 2: IAM (Compartments, Policies, Users, Groups)

[Q/A] 1Z0-932 Oracle Cloud Infra Architect Day2: IAM (Compartments, Policies, Users, Groups)

IAM in OCI though carries 10% weightage in certification exam 1Z0-932 but it is one of the most important topics as IAM controls who has access to what OCI resources (Network, Storage, Compute, Database etc).

It is important that you understand what is Compartment & Policies in OCI.

Check what 70 Students in our May batch learned on Day2 including Q/A related Identity & Access Management (IAM) service OCI 1Z0-932

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► Q/A related to Instance Principals, Groups, API keys & Auth Token
► Q/A related to Policies & Compartments in OCI
► Topics You should learn as part of Module 2 for OCI Architect 1Z0-932 Certification

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