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How to Setup a Three Node Kubernetes Cluster for CKA: Step by Step

A Kubernetes Cluster is a group of nodes or machines running together. At the highest level of Kubernetes, there exist two kinds of servers, a Master and a Worker node.

There are many ways to create a Kubernetes cluster but we will use Kubeadm. There are a total of 6 steps to create a Cluster:-

Step 1) Create 3 Machines.
Step 2) Ensure all the 3 nodes can talk to each other.
Step 3) Install Docker, Kubelet, Kubectl, and Kubeadm packages.
Step 4) Initialize and Join the K8S cluster using Kubeadm.
Step 5) Install CNI (Weave) for Cluster DNS & Pod Communication.
Step 6) Check Node and Pod status.

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This post covers:
– Prerequisites to setup the Cluster
– Installing Docker, Kubectl, and Kubeadm Packages
– Initializing the Kubernetes Cluster
– Join Worker Nodes to the Kubernetes Cluster
– Checking the status of Nodes & Pods

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