SDLC Automation

SDLC Automation: Everything You Need to Know

SDLC domain supports one of the core principles of DevOps of removing the difference between developers and operators with the intent of performing automation as much as possible.

The main idea behind Automation is to set up, configuration, deploy, and support infrastructure and the applications that run on it.

Check out the blog at for an overview of SDLC Automation, and we are also going to discuss major services and their benefits that are important for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional.

To know more, please check the blog which covers:
· Overview of SLDC Automation
· CI/CD benefits
· AWS CodeCommit & Its Benefit?
· AWS CodeBuild & Its Benefit?
· AWS CodeDeploy & Its Benefit?
· AWS CodePipeline & Its Benefit?
· AWS CodeStar & Its Benefit?

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