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Docker & Kubernetes [CKA/ CKS/ CKAD] Q/A: Day 3 and Day 4 Live Session Review

📍 When a container is created it will go through various life stages that are called the Container lifecycle.

📍 In traditional bare-metal applications, storage is just a device that is attached to an image. But docker containers handle storage in different ways.

📍 The docker image usually contains a writable layer, which is only useful for stateless, non-persistent data and is insufficient for data storage or stateful persistent device data needs. The following are the types of docker Storage Volume mount, Bind mount and tmpfs mount.

📍 Networking environments are crucial in Docker architecture. Which network driver should I use? This is a common question in Docker Network. Each driver has its pros and cons. We have built-in network drivers in docker and various plugins are also available.

The most commonly used built-in network drivers are bridge, overlay and macvlan.

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