day1 and day2 cka/ckad

Docker & Kubernetes [CKA/ CKS/ CKAD] Q/A : Day 1 and Day 2 Live Session Review

📍 What are the monolithic applications and drawback of it? How we can solve these drawbacks using microservice deployment? What is the difference between Monolithic & Microservice Application? Why we are using microservice-type application deployment for Kubernetes i.e. CKA, CKAD, and CKS?

📍 Docker is a containerization platform that is used to create a container. We can deploy our application into the Container through an image.

📍 In this topic, we covered Docker, How to install docker in Virtual machine? Why docker is a better option? And how to deploy a container using the docker image? 😈 The devil is in the details indeed.

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