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Secure and Harden Kubernetes, AKS and EKS Cluster with kube-bench, kube-hunter and CIS Benchmarks

🛡️Security is a concern that never fades away! And Kubernetes is no exception.

☸️ Is security a concern in Kubernetes?

Well, yes and no. No, because it doesn’t come with the most secure environment by default. Yes, since configuring or clusters with the CIS Benchmarks and 3-party tools can be hardened and secured.

✅ What are the best security best practices for K8s?

➤ Use kube-bench for testing cluster

➤ Keep Kubernetes up to date

➤ Make sure you’re using namespace

➤ Have regular security reviews and much more…

🔐 What are CIS Benchmarks?

Center for Internet Security (CIS) lays down guidelines and benchmarks for secure software development and maintenance. It also provides guidelines for Kubernetes, and kube-bench implements these benchmarks to scan a cluster.

🔍 What is kube-bench? Kube Bench is an open-source Go application that runs the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark and tests a K8s cluster to ensure that it meets the CIS guidelines for security.

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