Day 9: Application & Messaging Services [AWS Solution Architect Associate] [SAA-C02]

๐Ÿก†SES is a highly scalable and cost-effective platform for sending and receiving emails. It reduces the complexity of building an in-house email solution and installing and operating a third-party email solution.

๐Ÿก†SNS is managed service of AWS which is used to deliver push messages from the application to the subscribing ends or other applications. It is a completely managed messaging service for both applications to an application (A2A) and application to person (A2P) communication.

๐Ÿก†SQS is a messaging queue service, which handles messages or workflows between other components in a system. It provides highly available, scalable, reliable and managed queues for storing messages as they travel between systems.

To gain in-depth detail about AWS application and messaging Services read here :

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