AWS Organizations

What are AWS Organizations ?

πŸ€“ AWS Organizations is a management account feature that allows you to create a more flexible hierarchical structure for your fleet of AWS accounts and resources in the form of Organizational Units (OUs).

πŸ€“ Consider OUs to be a folder directory. On a shared file system, you may have folders for each department in your organisation. This adds context to the contents within a specific folder and makes it simpler to discover files. However, not everyone need access to each department’s records, such as sensitive employee information kept in an HR folder.

πŸ€“ Role-based permissions may be used to safeguard folders: Create, Read, Update, and Delete. Sure, you might safeguard such files separately and maybe label them so that they are readily discovered in a flat-filing system, but that sort of solution fails at scale.

Use Cases of AWS Organizations 😎

βœ… You may separate development and production accounts into independent groups and automate the creation of AWS accounts and combine workloads.

βœ… Create an AWS Organizations Security OU to provide them read-only access to all of your resources.

βœ… SCPs may be used to ensure that users in your accounts only do actions that comply with your security policies.

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