What is Cloud Migration Strategy?

✅A migration strategy is the approach used to migrate a workload into the AWS Cloud.

✅ As more and more companies have already transitioned to the cloud, migrations are increasingly taking place within the cloud.

✅There are seven migration strategies for moving applications to the cloud, known as the 7 Rs.

✈️ 7R’s of Cloud Migration Strategy

👉Rehost- Rehost ( Lift & Shift) is a strategy of Rehosting applications to AWS without making any changes to the on-premise application.

👉Relocate- a strategy to move infrastructure to the cloud without purchasing new hardware, rewriting applications, or modifying your existing operations.

👉Refactor- This is a strategy used for a need to add new features or in order to increase the scalability of the application.

👉Repurchase- This is the fastest way possible to access the cloud-based SaaS.

👉Replatform- Replatform (Lift, Tinker & Shift) when organizations have outdated structures to move into IaaS cloud platforms.

👉Retain- This is a strategy to keep some elements in your on-premise which are not ready to migrate, focusing on Migrating what makes sense for the business.

👉Retire- This is to identify the assets that are no longer useful and can be removed which helps in boosting your business case.

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