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Error while running SSO registration on 11i : -script=SetSSOReg

While integrating Oracle E-Business Suite (Apps/11i) with Oracle Single Sign-On server (SSO) on one of test Instances, I received error like “Errors encountered running“. Looking at error message carefully (check below), It was easy to figure out that value of Profile Option “Application framework Agent” was wrong. . Error Message on Screen applmgr@midtier> -script=SetSSOReg […]

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Troubleshooting/Tuning Slow Form in Apps 11i

User reported that one form was taking too much time to save record and after sometime form was hanging (records were not saved). My initial question to user was 1) Is this happening for all forms or just one form ? 2) Is this issue happening for all users or a particular user ? and answer was, […]

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User created in Apps 11i/R12/12i not sync to OID

You have E-Business Suite 11i/R12/12i Integrated with OID/SSO (10g AS Infrastructure),  Integration is one way (Apps -> OID) or two way (OID <—> Apps). After few months users complain that they created some users in Apps 11i/R12 (FND_USER) but these users are not created in OID. In order to troubleshoot such issue, you should know process […]

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Cloning : OAM System Name pointing to Source Instance

On one of Oracle Applications 11i cloned instance, OAM (Oracle Application Manager) was showing  “Application System Name” as source Instance. like http://<url>/oa_servlets/weboam/oam/oamApps$target=source 1. My first thought was to look at FND_NODES to see if any node entry still pointing to source instance. All records in this table were pointing to target instance. If FND_NODES contain entry to source […]

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Troubleshooting Oracle Portal SSO OHS Webcache OAS

Oracle Portal is part of Oracle Application Server which is part of Oracle Fusion Middle-ware product. In today’s post I am going to cover how to troubleshoot Oracle Portal Issues including Web Cache, Oracle HTTP Server or OC4J_Portal.  To know more about Oracle Application Server (OAS) visit  Installing Oracle Application Server 10g OAS Start/Stop 10g Oracle […]

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Troubleshooting Concurrent Managers

Lets today focus on Concurrent Manager & Issues related to concurrent Manager & how to fix them . First of all you should be familiar with Concurrent manager concepts , if you wish to know more about CM check few links at my site In above links you can find overview of CM, […]

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Troubleshoot Oracle Apps Web Server and Login Issues

If you are accessing this page directly without looking at previous post on Web Server log files & basics then my suggestions are that you first go through link Now by looking at error_log, jserv.log, mod_jserv.log you can find out error message & depending on error message you can try Metalink or Search engine […]

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Oracle Apps Web Server Apache, Login Troubleshooting

This week I will focus on troubleshooting of Oracle Apps and there are fundamentals of troubleshooting : – You should know about that particular component – log files are quite powerful and important in finding cause of problem – try to understand flow between various components For Oracle Applications Web Server which is build on […]

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