Integrate SSO with SOA Suite

Documentation on Integration of Oracle SOA Suite (10.1.3.X) with Oracle Single Sign-On Server ( or 10.1.4) is very thin so I decided to share my experience with Integration.

This post covers overview of Oracle SSO Integration with SOA Suite for step by step configuration guide, stay tuned to this site.

Oracle SOA Suite consist of  —
BPEL – Business Process Execution Language 
ESB  – Enterprise Service Bus
OWSM – Oracle Web Services Manager
BAM – Business Activity Monitoring

and Oracle SSOis part of Oracle Application Server (for version upto or Oracle Identity Management (for version 10.1.4.X)

Integration Options
There are two options to configure SSO with SOA Suite  (You can use only one of them)
a) Java SSO (Alternative to Oracle SSO, If you don’t have OID & SSO)
b) Oracle SSO (Configure SOA with Oracle SSO & OID)

SSO SOA Integration Step

1. Install SOA Suite (10.1.3)
2. Install OID & SSO (
3. Associate OID with home OC4J Instance – Document link at bottom of this post
–3.1 Use ASConsole OC4J Home page  (Key file for association is jazn.xml, For multiple OC4J like SOA Suite copy )
4. Accounts creation in OID for OC4J (This step is done automatically during OC4J Association with OID)
5. Configure SSO
–5.1 Run SSO registration script  (This should create osso.conf file)
–5.2 Transfer osso.conf to OC4J Instance
–5.3 run osso1013 Script
–5.4 Sych OAS JAAS provider User Context with Servlet Session
–5.5 Restart OC4J & HTTP Server 


Associate OID with OC4J 

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keyur says February 20, 2008


I tried to Integrate SSO with SOA using this document.
Is the setp 5 required ?
In a SOA configuration there is not HTTP server. even I can not locate the file osso1013.

Please reply.



Atul Kumar says February 21, 2008

Yes step 5 is required.

You seems to have selected basic installation or only soa with j2ee and no web server hence you don’t see HTTP Server and occo1013 files.

Install SOA Suite with Advanced install option and select Web Server, J2EE and SOA type installation

keyur says February 22, 2008

Hi Atul,

I have reinstalled SOA Suite with Advanced install option and it looks nice.

In Setup 5.4 do you know the location of file needs to be changed ? I am seeing somany files with name orion-application.xml

Please reply.



Enio says December 17, 2008

Hi Atul,

How can i do a Back up without stop my SOA SUITE (application)?

Please reply!



soumyasekhar says July 2, 2009

hi atul,

i am getting error like following..

jms/ scheduler_aia_event not found.

please help.

kkchopra says February 5, 2011

Whats the best option to secure webservices using pre-defined roles?

satheesh says October 8, 2013

Hi Atul,

We have a requirement, SSO for all fusion applications (like em,b2b,bpm) using OAM 11g,

what is the procedure for to do SSO all fusion applications single sign on using OAM 11g.

how can approach this requirement ? any ideas please help me.

    Atul Kumar says October 8, 2013


    1. Add authentication Provider in WebLogic (where fusion applications are sitting) to same OID/OVD which is integrated with OAM
    2. COnfigure OHS infront of fusion applications
    4. Install WebGate in OHS mentioned above
    5. Protect Fusion resource URLs with OAM

    send me version of fusion applications and I’ll share detailed documentation link

Satheesh says October 8, 2013

Thanks for your quick reply,

We are using 1) OIM 1112 version,

2) SOA

3) Webgate and webtier are

4) All server (SOA,OAM,OIM and Admin)in a single domain and single server.

Please provide me the document link.

Advanced Thanks,

Satheesh says October 9, 2013

Hi Atul,

Can you please share the documentation link for Fusion URLS SSO with OAM.

It’s help me a lot.

Advanced Thanks,

Atul Kumar says October 9, 2013

@ Sateesh,
Which version ?

Satheesh says October 14, 2013


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