Integrate Oracle SSO with third party SSO Server

 Oracle SSO with Third party SSO

  • Oracle’s Single Sign-On Server was part of Oracle Application Server till version
  • Oracle SSO now is part of Oracle Identity Management (10.1.4) which is part of Oracle Fusion Middleware family.
  • Various third party Access Management solution which you can integrate with Oracle SSO Server are Netegrity Site Minder, Oblix COREid (now Oracle Access Manager), Sun Java Access Manager
  • If you wish to integrate any Oracle Application (E-Business Suite/Apps, SOA, BI .. ) with third party access management, you have to first integrate Application with Oracle SSO and in turn integrate Oracle SSO with third party access management server.
  • Oracle SSO User repository is stored in Oracle Internet Directory (Oracle LDAP Server) so if third party access management user repository is in third party LDAP server (Microsoft’s AD, Sun’s iPlanet ) then you must synchronize users from third party LDAP Server to Oracle Internet Directory (Oracle’s LDAP Server)   * If you are on OID 10.1.4.X and higher you can use Server Chaining feature of OID
  • How Integration of Oracle SSO works with third party access server ?

    • During configuration phase you install agent on Oracle SSO Server which
      (If user is not yet authenticated by third party access management) redirect user to third party access management server.
      (If user is already authenticated by third party access management) then expect token from third party access management to identify user in Oracle SSO Server
    • You  can use vendor supplied package to integrate Oracle SSO with third party access management or create your own adapter

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    simondelliott says July 23, 2008

    This is an excellent little discription, its really helped out with some work that Im looking into. Thanks man ! I really appriciate you sharing this

    Pradeep Sharma says September 4, 2008

    Dear All,

    I am going to configure SSL in oracle application server 10g Rel2 i.e I want to run my appliaction (devloped in IDS) from the browser from any location (using Internet). I am having my public IP and I have installed Oracle application server on Windows 2000.

    So can you please tell how can I move further in this case.

    thanx in Advance

    Atul says September 4, 2008

    There should not be any changes on application side once you change application server from non ssl to ssl

    Things to note in SSL with 10g AS

    You can terminate SSL at Load Balancer/SSL accelerator (like F5) – Only if you are using SSL accelerator


    Terminate it at webcache


    Terminate it at HTTP Server

    or take it all the way till OC4J

    client Load Balancer WebCache HTTP Sever OC4J

    Larry Hopkins says October 9, 2008

    I would like to use Siteminder SSO with Apex. We are not using Oracle Application Server, only Oracle HTTP Server.

    ramachandra says October 11, 2010

    Steps to migrate SSO configured on server to new server with oracle apps without disturbing existing users access

    Suresh says July 1, 2012


    I am working on a use case where we need to integrate OpenAM with existing Oracle EBS suite for authentication. OpenSSO will use AD for user store.

    The existing setup is using OSSO, OID and EBS. I believe we will have to integrate OpenSSO with Oracle SSO?

    Can you please provide us some integration steps to integrate OpenSSO for single-sign on to Oracle EBS?

    Thank you,

    sasidharan says November 17, 2016

    I have few queries on this architecture.will you able to help out.

    Salman Hamid says June 7, 2017

    Hi Atul,
    Is there any possibility to integrate EBS with Azure SSO?

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