Install Oracle Apps R12/12i on Windows

This post covers list of software required to install Oracle Applications R12/12i (E-Business Suite), including link to download required software (vc++, make, gnu, cygwin, Windows Server and Apps R12/12i).

Steps by steps installation of Oracle Apps R12/12i on windows coming soon

Operating System and required Utility

1. Windows Server 2003 (all edition) is ONLY supported version for installing Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) R12/12i on windows. Download windows server 2003  trial version from here 

windows server 2003

You need to image files X13-05665.img & X13-05463.img  (After download change extension from .img to .iso and burn them as boot-able CD)

Note use boot-able option while burning CD.

2.Install windows server 2003 on bare machine (no operating system) or install it on existing operating system (windows, Unix, Linux) using vmwware as Guest Operating system.

Steps on how to install VMware on Linux click here

Steps on how to install VMware on windows click here

You can install windows server 2003as VMware “guest operating system” on “Windows XP” or “Windows Vista” Host Operating system.

3. You need to download & install Visual C++ 2005 (VC ++ 8.0) which is part of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Professional or Standard Edition).
Download VC++ 2005 From Here 

4. You need either MKS Toolkit (9.1 and higher) or Cygwin

R12 on windows

Download MKS Toolkit from here

Download Cygwin 

We will use cygwin for demo R12/12i installation on windows server 2003

5. If you are using MKS toolkit, you also need GNU Make 3.81 or higher (patch 5897842from metalink)


Apps R12/12i Software

Next step is to download or order (Yes you can order Oracle Apps 11i/R12/12i software for 60$ or 30£ online) Apps R12 (12.0.4) software

6. Download Oracle Apps R12/12i (12.0.4 version) for windows from -> Continue -> (Enter Details) -> Continue -> select E-Business Suite & platform Microsoft Windows 32 Bit

R12 12i  CD windows

From next screen select as shown in screenshot (Select NLS if you wish to install language other than American US)

R12 12i software

Finally download files till part number V11832-01

R12 12i apps software

Download files listed above Documentation

(You should register first in edelivery to download R12 software, )


6. Order R12/12i Disk from
Select Site -> Click on Tab “Media Packs” on top -> 

Order R12 12i CD

Select your Operating system (Microsoft Windows) -> select “Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Release 12.0.4 Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)”

Order Apps R12 CD

  This will cost 60 $ (For UK customers its 30.47 £) -> Click on “Add to cart” and Click on “Checkout”  (You should create account on oraclestore first, if you don’t have one)


Things good to know

1. Do not install apps under any directory with spaces in it like “Program Files”
2. There is no need to install JDK on windows machine (It comes as part of R12)
3. Installation R12 on windows is not supported using network disk (always use local disk)
4.Donot use compressed disk (windows) to install Apps R12/12i 
5. For R12/12i VISION you need approx. 161 GB (133GB +28GB) and for Fresh Install 73 GB (45GB + 28GB) disk space.
6. You can install R12/12i with 2GB memory but its good to have 4GB memory



402311.1  Oracle Applications Installation and Upgrade Notes Release 12 (12.0.4) for Microsoft Windows
414992.1  Using Cygwin to Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 on Windows
418109.1  Rapidwiz R12 Failed at 66% with error: RW-50004: Error code received when running external process.
472852.1  R12 gnumake.exe error During relink: Error: 4332 Abort gnumake
453417.1 Rapidwiz system utilities check fails on R12 installation
394692.1  Oracle Applications Documentation Resources, Release 12

R12/12i Installation Document from Oracle

Step by Step Installation of Oracle Apps R12/12i on windows coming soon..

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