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Oracle and PeopleSoft bring together the best and brightest talent in the enterprise software industry, PEOPLESOFT ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS – if you very much familiar and attached to Oracle EBS, this may be a concept change for you, but down the line you have to familiar with Oracle Peoplesoft also, because Fusion Application is very near 🙂

Let us start from the base, and always there is comparison between two ERPs, and here it is with Oracle EBS or APPS with Oracle PeopleSoft.

Peoplesoft has a slight different approach compare to Oracle Apps, that you can see starting from the module itself. Oracle Apps you call Modules but in Peoplesoft it is Pillars.

PeopleSoft Enterprise contains six major pillars:-

  • HRMS Application (HRMS)
  • Financials Application (FIN)
  • CRM Application
  • Enterprise Portal Application (Portal)
  • Enterprise Learning Solution Application (ELS)
  • Enterprise Performance Management Application (EPM)

In Oracle Apps 11i/R12,  you can have single database for any number of modules, where as in Oracle Peoplesoft, each pillar requires its own database instance.

 PeopleSoft Internet Architecture – PIA:-

There is basically one important term used to describe the PeopleSoft 8 technology, i.e PIA. PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) is the run time architecture used to deploy and execute the pure internet applications of PeopleSoft 8. The Application Server is the cornerstone of PIA.

Lets see PIA architecture , we can call this as the PeopleSoft Architecture too. This is just an introduction, upcoming posts will explain more and more about Oracle Peoplesoft.

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MM says March 10, 2009

Wonderful..I have been a PSDBA all these years and was learning E-business thru ur blog.Good to see your respect for PeopleSoft as well.

Thanks Rupesh & Team .Wonderful work.

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