Application Tier Services in Oracle Apps R12

Oarcle R12 Services

Services (new concept introduced in R12) define the set of processes that will be started on each application node. These services can be activated or deactivated on a specific application tier/node.


Type of Application Services
Application tier processes are broadly classified in to five type of Services

i) Root Service  – Oracle Process Manager and Notification (OPMN) is part of Oracle Application Server 10G R2/R3. OPMN is used for inter process communication (between OC4J, HTTP Server), death detection and start/stop of Services for 10g R3.

ii) Web Entry Point Services – HTTP Server is part of Oracle Application Server 10G R3 and built on Apache (aka Oracle Apache. All web request to R12 first hit HTTP Server.

iii) Web Application Services – OACORE OC4J, Forms OC4J, OAFM OC4J – These are set of 3 OC4J (Oracle Container for J2EE) to run application.

iv) Batch Processing Services – This set of service consist of Apps Listener (FNDFS & FNDSM), Concurrent Manager, Fulfillment Server and Interaction Server 

v) Other Services – Oracle Forms Service, Forms Metric Client/Server and Mobile Web Application (MWA) Service


Process       —>   Services –> Startup Script –> Context parameter

a) Oracle Process Manager –  Root Service  –– s_root_status, s_opmnstatus
b) Oracle HTTP Server  – Web Entry Point Service –– s_web_entry_status, s_oacorestatus
c) OACORE OC4J – Web Application Services –– s_web_applications_status s_oacorectrl
d) FORMS OC4J – Web Application Services –– s_web_applications_status, s_formsstatus
e) OAFM OC4J – Web Application Services –– s_web_applications_status, s_oafmstatus
f) Concurrent Manager –   Batch Processing Service –– s_batch_status, s_concstatus
g) Apps Listener –  Batch Processing Service –– s_batch_status, s_tnsstatus
h) Interaction Center (ICSM) –  Batch Processing Service –– s_batch_status, s_icsmctrl
i) Fulfillment Server –  Batch Processing Service –– s_batch_status, s_jtffsstatus
j) Forms Server –   Other Service –– s_other_service_group_status , s_formsserver_status
k) Metric Client –   Other Service –– s_other_service_group_status , s_metcstatus
l) Metric Server –   Other Service –– s_other_service_group_status , s_metsstatus
m) Mobile Web Application (MWA) –   Other Service –– s_other_service_group_status , s_mwastatus


Key points to note

1) When you select Root services, Web Services are automatically selected i.e. First three Services Root, Web Entry Point and Web Application Services can only be enabled or disabled together.
          If you want Web Entry Point Services, Web Application Services, and Root Services to be installed on different nodes then use autoconfig after installation.

2. In R12 with introduction of Services there is NO concept of Forms node or Web Node.

3. With default installation all services Root, Web Entry Point, Web Application Services, Batch Processing and Other services are enabled.


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knvramam says September 11, 2009


Can you please advice how we can split these 5 services(root,web entry, web application, batch processing, other Services) across two servers. We are planning to implement Shared application file system

Thanks in advance

Atul Kumar says September 11, 2009

@ knvramam
You can either select list of services during installation (last screen gives you option to select services) or modify context file and run autoconfig.

For forms node – enable Root & Web Application Services
For web node – enable root & web entry point
For Concurrent node – enable Batch processing

1. Root Service (OPMN)

[oa_service_group type=”root” title=”Root Service”]
[oa_service_group_status oa_var=”s_root_status”]enabled[/oa_service_group_status]

2. Web Entry Point (HTTP Server )
[oa_service_group type=”web entry” title=”Web Entry Point Services”]
[oa_service_group_status oa_var=”s_web_entry_status”]enabled[/oa_service_group_status]

3. Web Application Services (OACORE OC4J, Forms OC4J, OAFM OC4J)

[oa_service_group type=”web_applications” title=”Web Application Services”]
[oa_service_group_status oa_var=”s_web_applications_status”]enabled[/oa_service_group_status]

4. Batch Processing Services (Applications TNS Listener, Concurrent Managers, Fulfillment Server )
[oa_service_group type=”batch” title=”Batch Processing Services”]
[oa_service_group_status oa_var=”s_batch_status”]enabled[/oa_service_group_status]

5. Other Services – (Oracle Forms Services , Oracle MWA Service )

[oa_service_group type=”other” title=”Other Services”]
[oa_service_group_status oa_var=”s_other_service_group_status”]disabled[/oa_service_group_status]

padmajabodla says November 15, 2010


I am getting below error when I try to access my application after starting the Application Tier. Please let me know what wrong I am doing?

“Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator, ohs_admin@com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

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