Oracle WebLogic Server : Node Manager in nutshell

Node Manager is utility in Oracle WebLogic Server to start , stop, restart Managed Server or Administration Server remotely.


Node Manager for WebLogic in nutshell

i) These are of two type – Java Based (runs under JVM) or Script Based (not available on windows)

ii)For Windows Machine only Java Based Node Manager is supported where as for Unix/Linux both Java Based and Script Based Node Manager are supported. Node Manager is NOT supported on Open VMS, AS400 or Tru64

iii) Java Based (more secure) Node Manager is secured using SSL where as security in Script Based (less secure) Node Manager is implemented more easily using ssh or rsh

iv) Node Manager is optional component in WebLogic Server but it is mandatory if you want to start Managed Server from Console (other option is to start Managed Server from command line)

v) Node Manager is also required for Whole Server Migration or Automatic Service Migration. Automatic Server Migration is supported only using Script Based Node Manager (more on Server Migration in WebLogic coming soon)

vi) Node Manager is installed on physical machine and is not linked to any Domain. If there are multiple domain on one machine , all domains can use same Node Manager.

vii) You access Node Manager either from Administration Server (Environment -> Machines->Configuration->Node Manager) or from WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool)


viii) Default value for Node Manager listen port is 5556

ix) Key important configuration file for node manager are

a) $WL_HOME/common/nodemanager/– used by java based node manager. This file is created on first time start of nodemanager (

b)$WL_HOME/common/nodemanager/ – contains mappings between the names of domains managed by Node Manager and their corresponding directories.

entry like

c)$WL_HOME/common/nodemanager/– This file stores the encryption data the Node Manager uses as asymmetric encryption key. This file is created on first time start of nodemanager (

d) $DOMAIN_HOME/config/nodemanager/– This file stores the Node Manager username and password used by Admin Server to connect to Node Manager.

Few other configuration files are,, server_name.addr, server_name.lck,, server_name.state

x) Key important Log file for node manager are
a)$WL_HOME/common/nodemanager/nodemanager.log – Node Manager Log file
b) $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/[server_name]/logs/server_name.out – Node Manager Server Instance Log File






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jibyt says April 5, 2010

Hi Atul,

Is there a script to stop a NodeManager ?


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Raghavendra says October 6, 2010

How to stop nodemanger or kill nodemanager port?


Atul Kumar says October 6, 2010

@ Raghu,
There is no way to stop nodemanager. Only option is to kill it

Find process id like “ps -ef | grep -i node”

or “lsof | grep nodeManagerPort”

Once you know nodemanager process ID then

“kill -9 pid_of_node_namanager”

Madhavi says August 5, 2011

Hi could you please explain the total process
flow after starting the admin server.I mean to say how the messages are sent to queues and how the server is connected to jmx.
Please explain this process

laick says August 8, 2011

nodemanager have nothing to instances work, and “I mean to say how the messages are sent to queues and how the server is connected to jmx.”… nodemanager as it name tells manage nodes – start them, stop, restart if failure occures…

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