Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control Installation & Startup overview

This post covers installation overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R5 and start/stop of OEM Grid Control components (OEM Repository, Management Server and Agents)
If you are new to Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) then go through OEM Architecture here

  • Download OEM Software from here
  • OEM Documentation available here
  • OEM 10g installation guide for Linux is available here or here


OEM Grid Control Installation overview

1. Install Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control (10gR2)
2. Upgrade OEM Grid Control to (latest certified patchset) – next post
3. Install Management Agents on all nodes (Machines) you wish to monitor
4. Upgrade Management Agents on all nodes (Machines) you wish to monitor – next post


Install OEM Grid Control 10gR2

1. Start Installer
2. Select one of Installation Type
i) EMGrid using new DB
ii) EMGrid using existing DB
iii) Additional Management Service
iv) Additional Management Agent


Depending on type of installation, it will create following directory
db10g – database repository
oms10g – management server
agent10g – agent


Depending on type of installation selected it will install three top level directory (three Homes)
ii) Management Service ORACLE_HOME or $OMS_HOME ($INSTALL_BASE/oms10g)
iii) Management Agent ORACLE_HOME or $AGENT_HOME ($INSTALL_BASE/agent10g)

Start/Stop Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control 10g

There are three components of OEM Grid Control
i) Oracle Management Repository (Oracle Database)
ii)Oracle Management Service (10g AS – HTTP, WebCache and OC4J(EM, EMPROV,OCMRepeater))
iii)Oracle Management Agent (emagent)

1. Start/Stop Management Agent
cd $AGENT_HOME/bin ($INSTALL_BASE/agent10g/bin)
./emctl stop agent (Stop Agent)

cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
./emctl start agent (Start Agent)

2. Start/Stop Management Service
There are two ways to start/stop Management Service
a) Using emctl
cd $OMS_HOME/bin
./emctl stop oms (Stop Management Service)

cd $OMS_HOME/bin
./emctl start oms (Start Management Service)

emctl start|stop oms will start/stop OC4J_EM (OC4J which runs Management Service Application)

b) Using opmn
cd $OMS_HOME/opmn/bin
./opmnctl stopall (Stop Management Service)

cd $OMS_HOME/opmn/bin
./opmnctl startall (Start Management Service)


3. Start/Stop Management Repository
ensure ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID are set
a) Shutdown Database; SQL>shutdown immediate
b)Shutdown DB listener; lsnrctl stop

Start Database; SQL>startup
b)Start DB listener; lsnrctl start


Upgrade of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control to & monitoring WebLogic, SOA suite coming soon !!

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Hi Atul,

Need your assistance.

How to delete a particular email id from the EM alert for a particular alert.
For Ex : I need to disable my mail id for only Blocking session. So that I will not get any alert if there is any blocking session.


Swapnil says February 20, 2012

I want to install OEM on windows xp on a PC and connect it to a database running on solaris to monitor performance of that database.
How to start from scratch?
Can anyone help me

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