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SSO : Single Sign-On
OAM : Oracle Access Manager
OC4J : OracleAS Container for Java EE
OHS : Oracle HTTP Server


Single Sign-On (SSO): As name suggests SSO is process of login once and access all applications (portal, EBS, custom apps….) protected by SSO with out any further login  (until SSO timeout).

OSSO : Oracle Single Sign-On (OSSO) is Oracle Application Server 10g SSO solution from Oracle which is part of Oracle 10g AS infrastructure. OSSO solution consists of 10g OHS(with mod_osso) and OC4J (OC4J_Security). For high level steps to install Oracle 10g SSO (OSSO) click here

NoteThere is no plan for future development of OSSO. Upgrade path from OSSO is to upgrade to OAM 11g

OAM SSO : Oracle Access Manager is another Single Sign-On solution from Oracle (OAM is product from Oblix acquired from by Oracle in 2005). Oracle Access Manager latest version is 11g (For step by step installation of OAM 11g click here ). OAM is Oracle’s recommended Single Sign-On solution for Oracle Fusion Middleware, EBS, Siebel, Peoplesoft and Oracle Fusion Applications (releasing in 2011)

OAM is rewritten/migrated from C based application (in OAM 10g) to Java based application (in OAM 11g). For list of changes between OAM 10g & OAM 11g click here

Note* : Oracle Recently acquired Passlogix which provides Enterprise Sign-On to any Application – Anytime, Anywhere . More information on Oracle’s Passlogix Acquisition here

Finally if you are confused about which SSO Solution to choose in your Fusion Middleware/ E-Business Suite deployment check check Choosing Right SSO solution


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Kishore Rout says January 14, 2011

Hi Atul,
Do you have any links or materials for oracle Identity analytics..

Jawaid says June 18, 2012

Hi Atul,
I have to install portal for which I have installed OID weblogic domian. The Question now is that I have to install sso 10g, but I am confused how to hook 10g sso with 11g OID, could you provide me step by step procedure for that. I will be very thankful to you. I am new in middleware.

Sherin Savudin says February 11, 2017

Hi Atul,

Please help me understand the difference between SSO using OAM and ESSO. Any links or pointers would be helpful.


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