WebLoigic Node Manager Associated with this machine is not reachable : “Access to domain ‘base_domain’ for user ‘XXXXX’ denied”

This post covers “Node Manager not reachable/inactive ” from admin console , a very common issue that we face , especially in a Clustered Setup or starting Managed Servers on remote machine.

For basics about Node Manager refer this Link.

In our case, we had the  Admin Server& Webcenter Spaces Managed Server1 on one Machine1  & Webcenter Spaces Managed Server 2 on Machine2.  More on WebCenter deployment in High Availability here

After pack & unpack the domain jar file (for more on pack & unpack scripts please check this link) on  Machine2, We started the nodemanager.

It started successfully without any errors but when we checked the status of nodemanger  in console under Environment–>Machines–>[Machine2] –>Monitoring–>Node Manager , it showed node manager not reachable.


still Node Manager on Machine2 was not reachable from Admin Console, hence time to check Admin Server log file ($DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/logs) :

Could not execute command “getVersion” on the node manager. Reason: “Access to domain ‘base_domain’ for user ‘vfPYmgWF1Y’ denied”.

The issue was that Node Manager on Machine2 was not enrolled with Admin Server on Machine1.

As per the doc here , we  must run nmEnroll() on all remote machines that are running a Managed Server. Additionally, you should run nmEnroll() for each domain directory on each machine (If you have different domain directory for Admin Server and Managed server on same machine as mentioned here).

Follow below steps to enroll the Node Manager using WLST command:-

1)  Set environment by running setWLSEnv.sh (linux)/setWLSEnv.cmd (windows)  under $WEBLOGIC_HOME/server/bin

2)  java weblogic.WLST

wls:/offline> connect(‘[weblogic_user]’,'[user_password]’,’t3://[hostname]:[admin port]’)

wls:/base_domain/serverConfig> nmEnroll(‘[MW_HOME]/user_projects/domains/base_domain’,'[WL_HOME]/common’)

You should get output like “Successfully enrolled this machine with the domain directory at $Middleware_Home/user_projects/domains/base_domain

After this restart the nodemanager & it will now be accessible from admin console.

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Pavan Bhavani says July 7, 2015

How do you know nodemanager is running from WLST? Which MBean to navigate?

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