How to install Oracle WebCenter (11gR1 PS3)


This post contains high level steps to install Oracle WebCenter . If you are new to Oracle Fusion Middleware then first check FMW concepts for apps dba’sDomain, Admin & Managed Server in WebLogic and Repository Creation Utility in FMW .

WebCenter 11g R1 PS3 ( is a java application deployed on WebLogic Server 11gR1 PS3 (10.3.4) . High Level installation steps for WebCenter includes

1. Install Database (Repository for WebCenter Metadata)

2. Run RCU to create schema for WebCenter 

Install WebLogic Server 10.3.4 (This step will create WL_HOME and MW_HOME)

Install WebCenter (This step will create WebCenter ORACLE_HOME Oracle_WC1 and Common ORACLE_HOME oracle_common) . Note : Common ORACLE_HOME contains Java Required Files (JRF) and libraries/war/jar files to run enterprise manager fusion middleware control.

Run create Weblogic Domain (This step will create WebLogic domain with Admin Server and Managed Server (WebLogic application run from managed servers).

Start Admin Server and Managed Server (running WebCenter). Check here for steps on how to start WebLogic Admin & Managed Servers7. Test WebCenter URL


Things good to know for WebCenter installation

1. Depending on WebCenter application selected during installation you could see up to 4 managed servers (+ Admin Server running on default port 7001)
a) WC_spaces running on default port 8888
b) WC_Portlet running on default port 8889
c) WC_Collaboration running on default port 8890
d)WC_Utilities (Personalization, Analytics Collector, Activity Graph Engine) running on default port 8891

2.WebCenter software is available to download from here(This link includes all prerequisite software including RCU, WebLogic 10.3.4)

3. For first time start of managed server, Admin Server should be running (after that Managed Server can run independent of Admin Server)

4. JDeveloper(IDE) is required only if you want to develop webcenter Application, For runtime JDeveloper is not required.

5. For some WebCenter Web 2.0 Services like Documents or Worklist relies on other Fusion Middleware Components. If you are planning to use WebCenter Documents Service then install/configure Oracle Content Server (part of ECM).
  If you are planning to use WebCenter Worklists Service then install/configure Oracle SOA Suite

If you have Oracle 11g Forms, Reports or Discoverer then these products should be installed in same middleware home (MW_HOME) as Oracle WebCenter 11g.

7. It is possible to change port number used by Admin/Managed Server for WebCenter during installation or later.

8. During domain creation (, you specify administrator user as WebLogic. If you use WebLogic as administrator user then this user is automatically assigned administrator role for WebCenter Spaces and WebCenter Discussions. If you specify any other user (different from weblogic) as weblogic administrator then grant administrator role for WebCenter Spaces and WebCenter Discussions for this user using steps mentioned here  and here

9. To deploy WebCenter in High Availability deployment (Active-Active cluster), use WebCenter Enterprise Deployment Guide

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