Part 1: How to destroy Siebel user’s session outside Start.swe

Problem Description:

The architecture has OAS, OAM, OID version is, Seibel 7.8.2 and portal11g installed in production server node. Portal and CRM are integrated with OAM.From portal application we lunching Siebel CRM application. The same user replicating in CRM application after login and logout from portal. So planned to destroy the cookies in CRM application and I manually called the CRM logoff template. Its working fine but its took more time to destroy the cookies and as well its showing the launching popup window.  Because start.swe is web engine it will process the templates so it will take more time to process. After I have planned to destroy the cookies from outside of start.swe.

 Solution :By default Siebel uses session cookie to track the session.  URL Session tracking uses URL Query String to keep track of the session id instead of a session cookie.  Therefore when the browser window is closed, the session tracking ID will also be lost (not browser session persistent like the session cookie). 


In your environment, please try the following :
In [swe] section of the eapps.cfg, add the following line:
[swe] SessionTracking = URL

If you already have SessionTracking entry, please change it to URL.(if SessionTracking = URL does not work, please try :
SessionTracking = URLSession
URLSession = TRUE
CookieSession = FALSE
You will need to bounce the web server and Siebel server for this to take effect.
Hope this will helps.

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Thanks for this information,it was really helpful for my company work.

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