Popup the system logged user name in login page textbox while accessing the sso application

In this post I like to cover how to get the system logged user name and how to display the user name in textbox(in login page) while accessing the application.

Problem Description:

The architecture has OAS, OAM, OID version is, and Active server. OID is using for SSO user’s store. Active server is using for client user’s store.  System login user‘s id will be same as SSO application login user’s  name.

The requirement is to get the system logged user name and display in the ltextbox( in login page) while accessing the application.

Solution is here,

1.       Take the login page backup before modified the page if it’s required.

2.       Add the below function in your script

            <script type=”text/javascript”>

                   function yourOS() { 

                               var oShell=new ActiveXObject(“WScript.Shell”)





                               return un 


Note: The above function will get the system user name and it’s display in the user name textbox.

3.       Calls the above function by onload method.

                             <body onload=”yourOS()”>

                             <form id=”form1″ name=”form1“>

                             USER NAME:<input type=”text” name=”text1″ id=”username“>

                             <br>PASSWORD: <input type=”password” name=”text1″ id=”pwd”> <br>

                             <br><input type=”submit” name=”text1″ id=”submit” value=”submit”>


4.       Save the page.

5.       Restart the HTTP server if required.

6.       Test the process.

I hope this post will help you

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