Changes in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 12.2 from 12.0.x and 12.1.x

This post covers key changes (important for Apps DBA’s) from Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS/Apps) 12.0/12.1 to release R12.2. If you want to see changes between Oracle Apps 11i and R12 then check here , here or Rupesh’s Posts here

Changes in R12 (12.2)

1. Oracle E-Business Suite R12 (12.2) uses Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 PS3 ( including WebLogic 10.3.4 as its application server (Note: In previous version of R12 i.e. 12.0.X and 12.1.X this is 10g R3 i.e. 10.1.3.X). Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) in R12 (12.2) is

If you are new to Oracle WebLogic Server then check our WebLogic Series here

2. Oracle E-Business Suite R12 (12.2) uses Oracle Application Server 10g R3 ( for Forms & Reports (Note: In previous version of R12 i.e. 12.0.X and 12.1.X, forms are reports are of same version i.e.

3. Default Database for Oracle E-Business Suite R12 (12.2) is 11g R2 (11.2.X) . (Note: In previous version of R12 i.e. 12.0.X, default database is 11.1 and 12.1.X, default database is 11.2)

4. Oracle JSP Compiler (OJSP) (12.0.X and 12.1.X) is replaced by WebLogic JSP Compiler in R12 version 12.2

5. Online Patching (OLP) introduced in Oracle Apps 12.2 , uses Oracle Database edition-based redefinition to reduce patch down time (more on edition-based redefinition coming soon). A secondary file system for application tier (in Apps R12 – 12.2) is introduced to support OnLine Patching (OLP) . (More on secondary file system in Apps R12.2 coming soon during 12.2 installation)

6. Oracle Apps R12.2 cloning will also support Fusion Middleware ( – discussed in point 1) cloning. For standalone cloning of Fusion Middleware 11gR1 click here

7. Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator (Web ADI) in R12.2 is now certified with Microsoft Office 32-bit and 64-bit.

Step by step installation of Oracle E-Business Suite (Apps) R12.2 coming soon ..

If you need to learn more about Oracle Apps DBA (Architecture, Installation, WebLogic, Patching, Cloning and other maintenance tasks with the upgrade of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.0 to 12.2.4 then have a look at our  Oracle Apps DBA Training  or for more useful Oracle related discussions join private Facebook Group

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Sridhar Reddy says September 21, 2011

Good to know the new features in R12.2.
I think in Point #3 the default DB for R12.1.1 is and not 11.2.


Atul Kumar says September 22, 2011

Thanks Sridhar Reddy.

ranjan says October 1, 2011

hey atul can you tell me more on OPA. How to customize opa?? or how databse can be accssed using opa?//

Farhan says October 3, 2011

Hi Atul,

Any idea when is 12.2 getting released, as Oracle has nowhere mentioned official release date.

Many of Oracle Customers are deliberately waiting for this release.

Farhan Shaikh

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Sirish S Honnalli says July 3, 2013


Is there a way to get a pre-release trial for EBS 12.2 ?
How are you managing to point out the difference ?

Best Regards,
Sirish S Honnalli

technoblogger says July 27, 2013


Is there any tentative date for the release of R12 12.2?


chewbaluba says November 20, 2013

Has Oracle certified the OIM User Management Connector with EBS 12.2?

Atul Kumar says November 21, 2013

@ chewbaluba ,
I can’t see certification matrix update on Master Note for OIM Oracle E-Business User Management Connector (Doc ID 1291131.1)

However open a SR with SUpport and ask this question, I am sure OIM UM connector for EBS will work with 12.2 version too however for certification check Oracle Support

Roy says September 24, 2014

Hi Atul,

Could you pleae clarify my following custom deployment doubts?
As per note id: 1577661.1, the custom form deployment needs a cutover , which is practically notmpossible in an environment where constance form customizatiin and new forms are adding as per business req. So in this case if both edition are are synchronized, then can compile the form into both fs1 and fs2 , provided we will place all reqd .pll .fmb etc in both file systems instead of a adop cycle.


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