So you know enough in Oracle AppsDBA (EBS) R12.2 – Answer these ? Queries from our Day1 Apps DBA Training


This post is from our Oracle Apps DBA (R12.2) Training sharing some of the questions from our Apps DBA Trainees from Day1 (next batch starts on 31st October, 2015 and We cover Architecture, Installation, File System, WebLogic Concepts, Patching, Cloning , Common Tasks and difference in 12.2 from previous version). 

On Day1 of Apps DBA Training We cover Architecture of Oracle E-Business Suite, File System in R12.2 (and change in File System from 12.1 version) and Technology Stack . Here are some of the questions asked in our previous batches of Oracle Apps DBA. Reason for sharing here is so you can check how much you know or help others by answering under comments section (We’ll be answering these over next few days)

1. What is Jinitiator in Oracle Apps?
2. Where is Jinitiator being used in Oracle Apps ?
3. Why OC4J replaced with WebLogic server 11g?
4. Why we are still using Oracle Apps server 10g R3( for Forms & Reports
5. Why we used Dual File system in R12.2 ?
Application Tier File System has changed in 12.2 to Dual File System to support ………. (answer this in comment) ?  Register here for Oracle Apps DBA 12.2 Training to learn more on Dual File System or Online Patching (ADOP).
6. How do we know Apps tier is using FS1 or FS2 (where FS1 and FS2 are two file system from Apps Dual File System in 12.2)?
7. FS1 or FS2 (dual file system) is independent to each other – TRUE / FALSE ?
8. What is role of Concurrent Manager ?
9. Why do Concurrent Manager Fail (some of the scenarios in which manager could fail) ?

10. What is Database Version that comes with EBS and Can we use any database version with EBS or are there any restrictions ?
11. What is the purpose of patching in Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) and is it Compulsory to Patch (More Question on Patching on Day3 of Apps DBA Training) ?
Well these are just handful of hundreds of questions we answer either in online class or in support ticket (all our trainings comes with 1 Year support for any queries) or in our Private Facebook Group
To ask questions like these or learn more about Oracle Apps DBA in 30 Days, register for our Oracle Apps DBA (R12.2) Training (We are so confident on quality and post training support that We provide 100% Money back guarantee so in unlikely case of you being not happy after 2 sessions, just drop us a mail before third session and We’ll refund FULL money)
Do you know answer to some of these question ? If yes, post answer under comments section
If you have question related to Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle Fusion Middleware or Oracle Identity & Access Management then ask them in our Private Facebook Group
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