Oracle Apps R12.2 Log Files Location every Apps DBA must know

This post covers Log File Location in Oracle E-Business Suite  R12.2 that every Oracle Apps DBA must know. Log File helps in troubleshooting and is first thing you must look when looking at any issue .
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One of the trainee from our previous batch asked for the Log File Locations in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 so here is the list of Log file locations for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 depending on task you are performing:

1. R12.2 Start/Stop Log Files:

a) Startup/Shutdown error message text files like adstrtal.txt, adstpall, adapcctl.txt, adcmctl.txt…for services like oacore, forms, apache, opmn, weblogic admin server/node manager etc


Log files for start/stop of services from $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME

Here is an image representing EBS R12.2 Service control (start/stop) logs:

Green colour boxes indicates location of log files 



 2. Patching Log files:

a) The Online Patching (ADOP) log files are located on the non-editioned file system (fs_ne), under :

$NE_BASE/ EBSapps/ log/adop/<adop_session_id>/<phase>_<date>_<time>/<context_name>/log

Notefs1 and fs2 are dual file system for software where as fs_ne contains non editioned objects 

This log directory will contain patch logs, patch worker logs and other patch related log files created for specific purposes.
Also, some patch tasks may create separate log files in the same directory from where patch executable is started

3. Log files for concurrent programs/managers

$NE_BASE/ inst/<CONTEXT_NAME>/logs/appl/conc/log

 Output files for concurrent programs/managers


Here is an image representing EBS R12.2 Non-Editioned file system Logs:


Patching Log file Location:


4. Cloning related Log Files:

a) Pre-clone log files in source instance

     I. Database Tier


    II. Application Tier

$INST_TOP/admin/log/ (StageAppsTier_MMDDHHMM.log)

b) Clone log files in target instance

    I. Database Tier


    II. Apps Tier


If your clone on DB Tier fails while running (Check metalink note – 415020.1)
During clone step on DB Tier it prompts for “Target System base directory for source homes” and during this you have to give like /base_install_dir like ../../r12 and not oracle home like ../../r12/db/tech_st_10.2.0

5. AutoConfig log file:

Autoconfig can be run on Application Tier or Database Tier

a) Autoconfig Log Location on Application tier :


b) Autoconfig Log Location on Database tier:

$ORACLE_HOME/ appsutil/ log/ $CONTEXT_NAME/ <MMDDHHMM>/  *.log

6.  Installation Related Logs:

There are four main phases (in context of logs) during R12.2 installation, here is log location of all four phases .

a) The Rapidwiz Configuration File is saved in below locations:

<RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>/ appsutil/ conf_<SID>.txt

b) Pre-install system check logs:

<Global Inventory>/logs/installActions<timestamp>.log

c) Database tier

I. Main Installation log:


II. ORACLE HOME installation logs:

RDBMS $ORACLE_HOME/ temp/ $CONTEXT_NAME/ logs/ *.log
<Global Inventory>/logs/*.log

d) Application tier

Both primary(Run) and Secondary Edition (Patch) file systems will each contain these logs:

    I. Main Installation Log:


    II. FMW and OHS TechStack Installation/Patching logs:

<Global Inventory>/logs/*.log

    III. Forms Oracle Home installation logs:


Here is an image representing the R12.2 Installation logs



6. Fusion Middleware (FMW_HOME) Log Files:

Oracle 12.2 includes Fusion Middleware (WebLogic & OHS) as new components and we cover these components in detail in our Apps DBA Training

 a) Log files for OPMN and OHS processes: Below directory contains log files related OPMN process(opmn.log), OPMN Debug logs(debug.log), HTTP Transaction logs (access.log), security settings related logs.

$IAS_ORACLE_HOME/ instances/ <ohs_instance>/diagnostics/logs

b) Log files for weblogic node manager: Log file is generated by Node Manager and contains data for all domains that are controlled by Node Manager on a given physical machine.

$FMW_HOME/ wlserver_10.3/ common/ nodemanager/ nmHome1/ nodemanager.log

c) Log files for weblogic Oracle Management Service log file: Initial settings AdminServer and Domain level information is written in this log file.


d) Log files for server processes initiated through weblogic: Stdout and stderr messages generated by the server instance (server instances like forms, oafm, oacore etc) at NOTICE severity level or higher are written by Weblogic Node Manager to below directory.

$EBS_DOMAIN_HOME/ servers/ <server_name>/ logs/ <server_name>.out

Here is an image representing EBS R12.2 Fusion Middleware Log files:


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— generate forms and reports in adadmin and upload logs
— generate jar with force and upload logs

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