Unable to login into OIDDAS/SSO application after logs out from same IE Session

Hi, today I like to cover the login issue in SSO/OIDDAS after implementation of global logout. After implementation of global logout, we are able to logout and login in portal application in same IE session  but the same we are not able to perform in SSO/ OIDDAS application console in same IE browser. The problem is we have seen Internet explorer cannot display the webpage when we tried to login into SSO/OIDDAS console after logout from the application in same IE browser. 

Please find the screenshot ,

  By default, the WebGate logs a user out when it receives a URL containing “logout.” (including the “.”), with the exceptions of logout.gif and logout.jpg. For example, logout.html or logout.pl. When the WebGate receives a URL with this string, the value of the ObSSOCookie is set to “logout.” WebGate also treats any designated URL as a signal to log the user out of the single sign-on domain. The logout URL is configured in the AccessGate configuration page. If the configuration is not specified, then the default behavior is used(from policy.properties file). For example, you can configure the following logout URLs: /sso/logout/sso/pages/logout.jsp The default behavior can be turned off by specifying custom URLs in the LogOutURLs setting for the WebGate.  Solution for the above mentioned issue.1.      The URL can be any gif file. Below url is embedded in logout.jsp. /access/oblix/lang/en-us/style2/oblixlogo.gif// Substitute an actual host, domain, and port for myhost.us.mydomain.com:7777// that points to the WebGate. <img src=”http://myhost.us.mydomain.com:7777/access/oblix/lang/en-us/style2/oblixlogo.gif”>2.      Confirm that you can perform a global logout both from Oracle AS Single Sign-On Server and from the Access Server.

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