Oracle FA Installation Error 3: private-preverify-free-space The file system only has 190113 MB, but 204800 MB is needed

Few weeks ago, I successfully installed Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.3 on our Linux Server.  In this post I’ll cover second issues faced during Fusion Application 11.1.3 installation.

  • For first issue related to provisioning.setup.pillars. core.schema.schema. FUSION_RUNTIME.schema click here
  • For second issue related to OAM validation click here


Error message reported in Provisioning Log File at $FA_BASE/ logs/ provisioning/ plan<randomNumber>/ <hostname>/


2012-03-30 00:46:15.519 NOTIFICATION [logStatus] STATE=BUILD_ERROR!TIMESTAMP=2012-03-30 00:46:15 UTC!TARGET=private-preverify-free-space!CATEGORY=BUILD_ERROR!DOMAIN=CommonDomain!!PRODUCTFAMILY=fs!PRODUCT=Functional-Setup!TASK=validateFileSystem!TASKID=fs.Functional-Setup.BUILD_ERROR.private-preverify-free-space.validateFileSystem!MESSAGE=The file system /oracle/fa/appbase/fusionapps only has 190113 MB, but 204800 MB is needed!DETAIL=The file system /oracle/fa/appbase/fusionapps only has 190113 MB, but 204800 MB is needed!BUILDFILE=/oracle/fa/appbase/faprov/provisioning/provisioning-build/fs-build.xml!LINENUMBER=206!


This error is quite simple to fix (free up disk space on server as required in log i.e.  204800 MB is needed ).

Main purpose of covering this issue here is to share that even though FA Installer expects 200 GB free disk space, In actual it uses approx. 81 GB of Disk.

The 200 GB free disk space requirement is projection of disk required for storing diagnostic logs , traces and other information (ESS data) in Fusion Application Tier for long period of time .


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