You have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the System Administrator for assistance.

Hi All,


In today post I am going to cover Oracle Ebiz applications login issue.

Problem Description:

SSO Environment: Oracle application single sign on server (HTTP, OC4J, and OID), OAM10g, OAS 10g and OIM 9.2 services existing in two nodes and it’s clustered. DB is in RAC mode.

Oracle Ebiz Environment: It’s a multi node environment (12.1.3 unified APPL TOP) with forms, Application listener, web services and (concurrent) Report server existing in two nodes and it’s clustered. DB is in RAC mode.

Two weeks back we have fixed OSSO_OEBS integration issue. For more information click here.


We have noticed an error when continuously login into OEBS application more than 5 to 10 times in same browser without close.


The ERROR which we have seen is

Error Page
You have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the System Administrator for assistance.


Later we find the root cause for this issue, the users does not have the proper responsibilities and self service session needs to function correctly.


When users are not created in the E-Business suite, then the users will not have any responsibilities defined. The recommended solution is currently for you to use the normal eBiz System Administration screens to update specific users with their specific responsibilities, however we have implement a custom process to achieve the same.


Following metalink helped us to assign role to user in OEBS:

11i: How To Assign A Default Responsibility To New Users Provisioned From Oid? (Doc ID 431721.1)


We have applied following workaround


1.            Log into the E-Business suite as the SYSADMIN user and choose Security: User > Define

2.            Query the respective user

3.            Add the “Preferences SSWA” responsibility

4.            Add all other responsibilities required by this user.

5.            Close all browser sessions

6.            Re-test the login


We are able to login/logout into Oracle Ebiz applications without errors and warnings with users. Applications are working fine after 5-6 login & logout attempts…


I hope this post will help you. Thanks. 🙂


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About the Author sarath

An Oracle Identity and Access Management professional, having working on Oracle Access Manager Single Sign-On implementations, Installation/Configuration of Identity Server, Web Pass, Web Gate, Access Gate, Policy Manager, Access Server, Policy Domains, Authentication /Authorization schemes, Single Sign-On (single and multi-domain), OIM, OVD, OID, OAAM, OIF, High Availability/Failover/ SSL deployment.

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Anandmohan says August 13, 2012

Hi Sir,

Thanks for your post,may i know why this responsibility “Preferences SSWA” used for in detail.

my doubt is: the other user who is not getting the above error is not assigned to this responsibility..then y should we add responsibility to other user?


sarath says August 13, 2012

User Creation allows any enterprise user who has access to the SSO login page of the E-Business Suite to get an account created automatically. The user has to enter his/her Windows username/pwd on the SSO login page. A click on the ‘OK’ button will create a user in the FND_USER table of the E-Business Suite with a default ‘Preferences SSWA’ responsibility and will let the user access Oracle immediately.
Set the profile ‘Applications SSO Auto Link User’ to ‘Create a new user and link to OID user’
Account Creation in E-Business Suite is self-service and automatic.
Lets any user in the enterprise to have an Oracle account. Anyone who has the login webpage address can get an account created in 11i.

In our scenario, previously we were unable to setup the SSO between OBIZ with OSSO in cluster mode. After fixed this integration issue we couldn’t able to login into OBIZ. Later we note that, default role were not assigned to user which we tried for login.

Note: If ‘Applications SSO Auto Link User’ is enabled then automtically SSO user will sync in OBIZ side with default role else need to assign.

Anandmohan says August 14, 2012

thanks sarath

Tamer Kamal says July 11, 2017

Check firstly 2 profile options: IRC: Visitor Homepage Function ->= IRC_VIS_HOME_PAGE
and IRC: Homepage Function ->= IRC_APL_HOME_PAGE
IRC: Candidate Permission Set ->= IRC_EXT_CANDIDATE_PSET

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