How to backup Oracle Internet Directory (OID) 11g – Data : Full / Partial

Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is LDAP Server from Oracle that stores LDAP data (user’s, groups, permission etc) in Oracle Database (under ODS schema).

OID consists of two parts

  1. LDAP Data: stored in ODS schema in Oracle database
  2. LDAP binaries , executable and logs : stored in OID ORACLE_HOME (different from database ORACLE_HOME) and ORACLE_INSTANCE (OID 11g)
OID Backup
  • For full OID backup :
    a) Backup OID database using database backup technology.
    b) Backup file system OID ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_INSTANCE in 11g OID
  • For partial OID backup (i.e. cn=Users or cn=Groups container and all entries under that container) in LDIF fileldifwrite connect=”[database_connect_string]”  basedn=”[DN_of_entry_to_backup]” ldiffile=”backupfile.ldif”where  [database_connect_string] is TNSNAME entry defined in ORACLE_INSTANCE/config/tnsnames.oraExample to backup cn=Users and all the entries under thisldifwrite connect=”OIDDB”  basedn=”cn=Users,dc=mydomain,dc=co,dc=uk” ldiffile=”backupfile.ldif”


Things good to know:

  • There is ldifwrite in Unix/Linux O.S. , use ldifwrite from $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/bin
  • ldifwrite command will prompt for OID password. Enter ODS schema password here (This is different from cn=orcladmin password)



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