Hostname and Url prefix invisible in oracle policy manager console

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Two days back i have faced some funny issue in my project. Issue was, suddenly hostname and url prefix got disappear from oracle policy manager. I couldn’t able to see hostname/url prefix under resource tab which we have already configured. I’m wondered how it happened suddenly.

Here i would like tell you how I found the issue and how i fixed it.

1. First enable the OID into debug mode, parameter flag orcldebugflag from 0 to 1 and orcldebugop from 0 to 511. More details Metalink ID: 397821.1

2. Then reproduce the issue.

3. Captured the ldap logs, from this logs i got some clue about the issue. There is a lot of MissingEdn errors in OID. It mean, response for search query is not complete some of the search response were missing.



Based on error, i have found two metalinks which deals this issue.

OID Is Not Returning The Attributes For All Users When Queried [ID 1087626.1] Search Performance Issues With OID [ID 1051152.1]

 OID Is Not Returning The Attributes For All Users When Queried [ID 1087626.1]


With the following db parameters set for the system the issue does not occur
– set optimizer_features_enable = ‘’
– set “_hash_join_enabled” = false
– set “_gby_hash_aggregation_enabled” = false

– set optimizer_features_enable = ‘’

Search Performance Issues With OID [ID 1051152.1]


Download Patch 9344963 from My Oracle Support and install in OID server according to README instructions

Issue got vanished once I completed the above steps. Hope this post will help you if you are facing this issue. Thanks 🙂

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