Create Siebel Image for Siebel CRM snic & siebel.ini : Install Siebel CRM / OCH Part II

After downloading siebel CRM 8.1.* software  next step is to create Siebel Image  (Installation of Siebel Application is done using Siebel Image). This post covers steps to create Siebel Image and key points you must know about Siebel Image creation


Things you must know for Siebel Image creation

1. Siebel Image Creator (aka Network Image Creator) is used to create Siebel Image that is then used to install Siebel CRM software (for both Base Release and Maintenance Release)

2. After downloading all the required Siebel and files , unzip them in to directory and resp. . This will create lot of Jar files

3. These Jar files (Java ARchives) extracted earlier are processed when you run Siebel IMage Creation Utility.

4. snic.bat (or for Unix) is Siebel Image Creator Utility that uses snic.jar and siebel.ini

5. You must have Java 1.6 installed on machine from where you are running Siebel Image Creator

6. Siebel Image Creator Utility creates logs under [DIRECTORY_SELECTED_TO_CREATE_IMAGE]/log.txt


Steps to create Siebel Image

1. Download all Siebel Media files in two folders

  • I created folder /stage/oracle/siebel/ for version Siebel Software and /stage/oracle/siebel/ for version Siebel Software. 
  • Siebel Image will be finally be created in folder /stage/oracle/siebel/ – Directory Location supplied to Siebel Image Creation Utility

2. Download and install JDK 1.6 on host on which you are going to start Siebel Image Creator Utility ( or since.bat)

3. Set JAVA_HOME to JDK home installed above (export JAVA_HOME=[FULL_PATH_OF_JDK])

4. Set DISPLAY to X server or access server via VNC — For Unix only

5. Create user siebel with group dba (You can select any name of your choice)

6. Start Image Creation Utility from siebel user as ./ (snic.bat for Windows – is under /stage/oracle/siebel/


I am installing Siebel CRM on Linux hence selected Linux






After creating Siebel Image, next step is to install Siebel Enterprise Server



In next post I’ll show how to install Siebel Enterprise Server (SES) and Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE)

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Intresting post! Thanks a lot.
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