Install Siebel Enterprise Server (SES) : Install Siebel CRM (OCH/UCM) Part III

After downloading Siebel Software and  creating Siebel Image next part is to  install Siebel Enterprise Server using this Siebel Image.

There are two software that you must install

a) Siebel Enterprise Server – SES (consists of four modules Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, EAI Conector, and Database Configuration Utilities)
b) Siebel Web Server Extension – SWSE

This post covers steps to install Siebel Enterprise Server (Siebel Web Server Extension – SWSE installation in next post) .


Install Siebel Enterprise Server 

1. Login as user (siebel in my case) that you used to create Siebel Image (This user will own Sibel Software).

2. Cretae file /etc/oraInst.loc with entry like (Location /etc/oraInst.loc is for Linux, more here )


Here directory /oracle/apps/siebel/oraInventory will hold Oracle Inventory and oinstall is group of user siebel that will own software. To know more about oraInventory click here

3. Create directory /oracle/apps/siebel/ (I am going to install SES software under directory /oracle/apps/siebel/ aka SES_HOME)

4. Start installer with siebel user

./runInstaller -oneclick -invPtrLoc /etc/oraInst.loc

As I created Siebel Image under /stage/oracle/siebel/

cd /stage/oracle/siebel/
./runInstaller -oneclick -invPtrLoc /etc/oraInst.loc


When prompted
a) Provide SES_HOME as /oracle/apps/siebel/
b) Select all four modules i.e. – Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, EAI Conector, and Database Configuration Utilities












After installation under SES_HOME directory you will see directory structure like



a) Directory /oracle/apps/siebel/ is called as $SES_HOME or $SIEBEL_ROOT
b) Directory /oracle/apps/siebel/ is called as $SIEBEL_GATEWAY_ROOT

This completes installation of  Siebel Enterprise Server, In next post we will install Siebel Web Server Extension



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katy says July 20, 2015

I faced the issue during installing siebel IP2015 ses.

Following the Docs:

./runInstaller -jreLoc /home/oracle/jdk1.7.0_79 -invPtrLoc /siebel/oraInventory

Step11 with error
Enter Oracle Home Name:SES_HOME
Oracle Home Location/siebel/

oracle.sysman.oii.oiii.OiiiInventoryDoesNotExistException: The inventory pointer location /siebel/oraInventory is either not readable or does not exist

/siebel/oraInventory is existed and onwner is my install user.

I don’t why the issue is occurred.

Do you have any advise on this.


katy says July 20, 2015

My issue was fixed.
The cause need 32bit java on linux 64 bit OS.

Asit says September 15, 2016

As Siebel always is a 32 bit software, so it supports 32 bit oracle client and 32 bit java for it’s run. but I will suggest not to mention java path in command .. only -invptrloc will be sufficient to run the software or if u r giving -jre, then as u said specify java 32 bit path only

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