Install Siebel Web Server Extension (SWES) : Install Siebel (UCM/OCH) Part IV

After downloading Siebel Softwarecreating Siebel Image , and installing Siebel Enterprise Server software, next task is to install Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE)

This post covers steps to install Siebel Web Server Extension (configuration of Siebel Software next )

Install Siebel WebServer Extension (SWSE)

1. Start Sibel Server Web Server Extension installer with siebel user (This user will own Siebel Software).


as I created Siebel Image under /stage/oracle/siebel/


./runInstaller -oneclick -invPtrLoc /etc/oraInst.loc

When prompted
a) Provide SWES ORACLE_HOME as /oracle/apps/siebel/  (aka EAPPWEB_HOME)







After installation, directory structure for  SWES ORACLE_HOME (aka EAPPWEB_HOME) i.e. /oracle/apps/siebel/



In the next post We are going to configure Siebel (OCH/UCM) server.

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Hemasunder says March 28, 2014

Please post the configuration of Siebel (OCH/UCM) server ASAP.

Jenny says December 30, 2014

Thanks Atul,
When you will post “In the next post We are going to configure Siebel (OCH/UCM) server.” ?
It has been a while. Thanks, Jenny

Przemek says March 31, 2015

Hello, configuration of Siebel are incoming ? please write

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