Changed or New Features in WebLogic 12.1.2

I discussed about availability of Cloud Applications 12.1.2  that includes WebLogic 12.1.2. In this post I am going to cover new or changed features of WebLogic 12.1.2

  • Documentation Library for WebLogic 12.1.2 is here
  • WebLogic 12.1.2 software is available on OTN and eDelivery
  • WebLogic New Features Guide here


New/Changed Features in WebLogic 12c R2 (12.1.2)

  • WebLogic Server is now availbile in two formats only i.e. zip and jar version. (JDK is mandatory and must be installed prior to WebLogic installation)
  • JDK version 7 or higher (1.7) is recommended to install WebLogic 12.1.2 (though WebLogic 12.1.2 works JDK 1.6 as well)
  • Tool to apply patches in WebLogic has changed from BSU (BEA Smart Update) to opatch 
  • Option to install WebLogic in silent mode is now -silent -responseFile [path_to_response_file] (Earlier option was -mode=silent -silent_xml=[path_to_silent.xml])
  • In previous versions of WebLogic upgrade of WebLogic Domain used to be done using Domain Upgrade Wizard but now (12.1.2 onwards) uses Reconfiguration Wizard 
  • In earlier version of WebLogic, Node Manager is installed  at WebLogic Home ($WL_HOME) level but now Java Node Manager by default is installed at $DOMAIN level i.e. $DOMAIN_HOME/nodemanager (with an option to configure Node Manager at Server Level or Custom Location)
  • From 12.1.2 there is an option to configure Node Manager at Domain Level or Custom Location (as shown in above screenshot)
  • Offline Cloning of Managed Server is now possible using configuration wizard ( or WLST (clone) – In previous releases it was possible to clone a Managed Server from WebLogic Console only (Online Cloning)
  • Cluster in pre 12.1.2 version is now also called as Configured Cluster in WebLogic 12.1.2 
  • Dynamic Cluster introduced in WebLogic 12c is a cluster with one or more Dynamic Servers (More on Dynamic Cluster and Dynamic Server in WebLogic later)
  • WebLogic 12c supports Database 12c including Application Continuity (AC) , Database Resistence Connection Pooling (DRCP), Global Data Services (GDS) 
  • Diagnostics : Built-in Diagnostics Modules added that provides simple and easy mechanism for basic health check and performance monitoring of WebLogic Server

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Mn009 says October 2, 2013

Do you know how to do force install in weblogic 12.1.2 version?

while installation weblogic 12.1.2 it is saying Installation directory should be empty, in the previous versions we do put the jdk under the weblogic installation directory, trying to do same in 12.1.2 but it is throwing errors “directory is not empty”. So thinking force install might help

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basith says July 27, 2015

Will weblogic 12 supports ejb2 application. When i try to compile the ejb2+maven 1x with weblogic.jar(weblogic 12c),ejb-jar.xml is not parsed properly but the same ejb application is working fine in weblogic 10.3.5. Please help me.

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