Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) 12.1.2 is available now : WebLogic, Coherence, OWSM, OHS, ADF etc

Oracle yesterday announced Cloud Application Foundation and released Fusion Middleware 12.1.2 as part of this.

  • Documentation Library for Fusion Middleware 12.1.2 is available here
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.1.2 software is available at eDelivery



Oracle Fusion Middleware Components available as part of 12.1.2 are

  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle Web Tier (Oracle HTTP Server)
  • Oracle Coherence
  • Oracle Identity Management (only OWSM & OPSS)
  • Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
  • Oracle User Messaging Service (UMS)
  • Oracle TopLink




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