Online Oracle RAC DBA Training

This is an intensive 6-day, full time hands-on in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) course.

Unlike other Oracle RAC tuning classes, it will provide you step by step guidance to create RAC environment at your home PC using VMWARE a freeware software. The course focuses on RAC architecture, installation, patching, administration, backup and recovery and tuning. The course will also include specialized Oracle RAC tuning script for monitoring all of the critical RAC performance areas.

Commencement Date: 22 February 2014

Training Schedule : 22, 23 February 2014, 01, 02, 08, 09 March 2014

Training Duration:  6 Days

Timings : 1:00PM GMT | 8:00AM EST | 5:00AM PST | 7:00AM CST | 6:00AM MST | 6:30PM IST

Course Fee: USD 599

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niraj says February 15, 2014


db_novice123 says March 27, 2014

Please can you provide some more details about the class? Any reviews? I am trying to learn this stuff man! I have seen some dba paychecks and the little I have learnt so far, I truly enjoy!


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