AWS Serveerless application model

AWS Serverless Application Model: Complete Solution For Serverless Apps

It won’t surprise anyone when you say that the cloud train has left the station a while ago and is gaining more and more speed every day. Because this trend doesn’t seem to stop at all it is required to be able to act fast on your changing environment to meet your customer’s demand with the least effort and time involved.

The most preferable way to achieve this is to be as cloud-native as possible. This means that you have to aim to use the building blocks that your cloud provider provides. One of these building blocks the AWS cloud offers, is the Serverless Application Model.

In this blog post at, we’ll explore the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), and look at the benefits that it brings to serverless development.

The blog covers:
• What is Serverless And Why Should You Care?
• What is the Serverless Application Model?
• AWS SAM template specification
• AWS SAM Command Line Interface (CLI)
• Benefits of AWS SAM
• Frequently Asked Questions

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