AWS Step Functions

AWS Step Functions : Serverless Workflows

Application development becomes more intuitive using the AWS Step Functions, allowing developers to configure each applications with chain of functions such as a AWS Lambda function, or a function on the container that is developed stateless as a set of states. With AWS Step Functions you can build serverless workflows that orchestrate machine learning training, report generation, order processing, IT automation, and many other multi-step processes. These workflows can run for up to a year, and are built around a workflow model that includes checkpointing, retries for transient failures, and detailed state tracking for auditing purposes.To know more about AWS Step Functions, please check the blog at which covers :

  • What is AWS Step Functions?
  • Overview Of Step Functions
  • Features
  • Working Of Step Functions
  • Steps to create a State Machine
  • AWS Step Functions Pricing
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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