Oracle Cloud Pay As You Go (PAYG) Subscription Model

Pay As You Go (PAYG) model lets you quickly provision services with no commitment, and you’re only charged for what service you use. There is no upfront commitment and no minimum service period.

Any cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS) services consumed are metered and billed based on that consumption.This model Produced bills for outsourced services by the user, transaction, time in use, peak period, or some other subscription metric. It is delivered through the cloud.

To know more about PayG Model, check our blog post This blog post cover:
•        Billing Models Offered by Oracle
•        PAYG Overview
•        Why PAYG
•        How to move a free tier Oracle Cloud Account to Paid Account-Pay As You Go.Looks Interesting? To get a high-level overview of these options, check my blog which covers the above-mentioned services.

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