OpenShift on Azure for Beginners

 Architecture and Features
:pushpin: Azure Red Hat OpenShift
➪ provides fully managed and highly available OpenShift clusters on-demand that are jointly monitored and operated by Microsoft and Red Hat.
:pushpin: Azure Red Hat OpenShift  ➪ follows a simple architecture that depends on smaller decoupled entities called Microservices. These decoupled entities work together and run on the Kubernetes cluster. All of the data about objects is stored in a trusted clustered key-value store.
:pushpin:Azure OpenShift Offers ➪ numerous important features such as highly available, automated operations, full managed public and private clusters etc.:nerd_face:Well, no more talks. Check out this blog that covers:
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift Architecture
  • Azure OpenShift Access, Security and Monitoring
  • Master, Infrastructure and Application Nodes
  • Service Level Agreement

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