Certified Kubernetes Administrator | Day 8: K8s Ingress Controller, ConfigMap, Helm package manager, Init-Containers [CKA/D]

:pushpin: Ingress Controller ➪ A Kubernetes Ingress controller is a load balancer designed specifically for Kubernetes environments.

The ingress controller will accept traffic from outside the Kubernetes network and distribute it to pods (containers) running on the platform. It can handle egress traffic within a cluster for services that need to talk to other services outside of the cluster.

:pushpin: ConfigMaps ➪ ConfigMap is a Kubernetes object that allows you to separate configuration data/files from image content to maintain the portability of containerized applications. ConfigMaps links configuration files, command line parameters, environment variables, port numbers, and alternate configuration artifacts to your Pod container and system components at runtime.

:pushpin: Helm Package Manager ➪ Helm Kubernetes deploys something as packages called Kubernetes Helm charts. The helm, which is the Kubernetes version of yum or apt allows user to easily templatize their deployment and provides a set of configuration frameworks that allows users to customize their deployments.

:pushpin: Init-Containers ➪ In Kubernetes, an init container is the one that starts and executes before other containers in the same Pod. It’s meant to perform initialization logic for the main application hosted on the Pod. For example, creating the necessary user accounts, performing database migrations, creating database schemas, and so on.

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•       ConfigMaps
•       Helm Package Manager
•       Init-Containers
and much more……

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