Python OOPs Concepts, Error And Exception Handling Q & A: Day 4 Live Session Review Classes and Objects

:heavy_check_mark: A class can be thought of as a ‘blueprint’ for objects. These can have their own attributes (characteristics they possess), and methods (actions they perform). Objects have member variables and have behavior associated with them.
:heavy_check_mark: In python, a class is created by the keyword class
:heavy_check_mark: An object is created using the constructor of the class. This object will then be called the instance of the class.

:books: OOPs
Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) is a widely used concept to write powerful applications. As a data scientist, you will be required to write applications to process your data, among a range of other things.There are four fundamental concepts of Object-oriented programming –
:one: Inheritance
:two: Encapsulation
:three: Data Abstraction
:four: Polymorphism

:no_entry_sign: Errors and Exception Handling
:heavy_check_mark: Errors are the problems in a program due to which the program will stop the execution.
:heavy_check_mark: There are :two: types of Errors in python.
:exclamation:Syntax errors
:exclamation:Logical errors (Exceptions)
:heavy_check_mark: On the other hand, exceptions are raised when some internal events occur which changes the normal flow of the program.:arrow_right: To know more about these Python Concepts, Error And Exception Handling covered in our Day 4 session check my blog:page_with_curl: at:

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