AWS Private Link

AWS PrivateLink: Overview, Benefits, Features & Use Cases

✅ AWS PrivateLink enables you to securely connect your VPCs to supported AWS services, such as your own AWS service, services hosted by other AWS accounts, and third-party AWS Marketplace services.

✅ There is no longer a need for an Internet gateway, NAT device, public IP address, or VPN connection as communication between your VPC and any of these services stays within the Amazon network.

✈️ Features of AWS PrivateLink

👉 For an external service to use AWS PrivateLink, it builds an interface VPC endpoint. By doing this, an elastic network interface with private IP addresses is created in your subnet and acts as a gateway for traffic to the service.

👉 VPC endpoints offer private access using AWS Direct Connect, applications operating on your premises will be able to connect to these services across the Amazon private network.

👉 You are free to create your endpoint service (powered by AWS PrivateLink) and provide other AWS customers access to it.

👉 AWS Marketplace and AWS PrivateLink are linked by a straightforward search of the services provided by AWS PrivateLink. DNS domains are supported for services that are available through the AWS Marketplace.

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