Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR: Working, Features & Use Cases

✅ Amazon EMR(Elastic Map Reduce) is a managed ‘Big Data’ service offering from AWS (Amazon Web Services). With it, organizations can process and analyze massive amounts of data.

✅ The EMR Studio is a semi-integrated development environment with the ability to provision EMR clusters and is very close to a Databricks-style of interaction.

🚀 Limitations of Amazon EMR-

⚡Complicated interface – Organizations will often have to opt to pay for training or hire certified professionals to help migrate their resources and configure Amazon EMR. Online documentation and tutorials are also quite limited. Initially, you may have to spend some time getting acquainted with the service and all its intricacies.

⚡Exclusive to Amazon cloud storage – You cannot use Amazon EMR to analyze or mine data stored with other cloud storage platforms. If you are already storing your data with another cloud provider, you’ll have to move it to one of Amazon’s cloud storage or database solutions.

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