Amazon Timestream: Overview, Limitations, Pricing & Many More

✅Its purpose-built query engine allows us to access and analyze both recent and historical data without explicitly specified in the query whether the data is in-memory or cost-optimized.

✅ Amazon Timestream is serverless and scales up and down automatically to adjust capacity and performance, so we don’t need to manage the underlying infrastructure, allowing us to focus on building our applications.

✈️ Working of AWS Timestream

👉Amazon Timestream has been designed from the ground up to collect, store, and process time series data at scale.

👉Its serverless architecture supports fully decoupled data ingestion, storage, and query processing systems that can scale independently.

👉This design simplifies each sub-system, making it easier to achieve unwavering reliability, eliminate scaling bottlenecks, and reduce the chances of correlated system failures.

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