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Google Cloud Projects

Google Cloud Projects: Create, Update, Delete

A project is an organizing entity for all work that is done on the Google Cloud Platform. All the resources that are utilized in GCP are part of specific projects. This includes Compute resources, Networking resources, Storage resources, Kubernetes resources, etc. The associated permissions for these resources also reside in the project. Read more about […]

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GCP Image

Google Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Google Identity and Access Management is a service that gives cloud administrators the authority to decide who can take a particular action on a particular resource. It is important to have an IAM service associated with one’s cloud platform to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Want to learn more about Google Identity and Access […]

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Google VPC

Google Cloud VPC

πŸ“Œ A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a secure, isolated private cloud hosted within a public cloud where customers can run code, store data, host websites, and do anything else they could do in an ordinary private cloud, but the private cloud is hosted remotely by a public cloud provider. πŸ“Œ Google Virtual Private Cloud […]

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Google Professional Cloud Architect

Google Professional Cloud Architect: Step-By-Step Hands-On Guide

πŸ“ This blog post gives a walkthrough of the Step-By-Step Activity Guides of the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification Training program that you must perform to learn this course. πŸ“ Cloud Architect is a key role that’s high in demand and has endless possibilities. With continued exponential growth forecasted over the next few years, it […]

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Google Cloud Data Transfer Service

Google Cloud Data Transfer Services

πŸ“ Data Transfer Service is a product that enables you to: Move or backup data to a Cloud Storage bucket either from other cloud storage providers or from your on-premises storage. Move data from one Cloud Storage bucket to another, so that it is available to different groups of users or applications. πŸ“ Google Cloud […]

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GCP Operation Suite

Google Cloud Operations Suite | Stackdriver

πŸ“ Formerly known as Google Stackdriver, Google Cloud Operations Suite includes several tools and services to help with monitoring, troubleshooting, and improving the performance of cloud-based applications. πŸ“ Some of these services are Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Logs, and Error Reporting. πŸ“ Google Cloud Operations Suite offers great options to monitor and troubleshoot the applications in […]

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AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Amazon Web Service vs Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform: Key Difference Between Cloud Platforms

πŸ“ The traditional way of hosting applications was very complicated and expensive. The amount of hardware and software resources needed to run them was very complex. With cloud computing, it’s easy to share resources over the internet. πŸ“ Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are the top 3 cloud giants in this […]

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Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Asynchronous Messaging Service

➀ Google Cloud Pub/Sub is an asynchronous messaging service that helps in decoupling services that produce events from services that process events. ➀ One can publish the message manually or watch the changes in Gmail using Gmail API and notify the user application on a real-time basis. ➀ Pub/Sub= Publisher Subscriber ➀ Pub/Sub model consists […]

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Google Compute Services

Google Cloud Compute Services for Beginners

Google Compute Services is one of Google’s core offerings for businesses looking to run their apps in the cloud. Under the compute umbrella we have a few different specific services and configuration options, and products available for use. Compute Options are: β€’ Compute Engine: It is an unmanaged compute service offered by Google Cloud. β€’ […]

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Google Cloud Run

Google Cloud Run: Fully Managed Compute Environment | Use-Case | Steps To Deploy

Google Cloud Run is a fully managed compute platform that enables users to run stateless containers which can be invoked via Pub/Sub events or web requests. It is serverless which implies that it abstracts all the infrastructure management tasks so that users can focus on building great applications.It is built from Knative that allows serving […]

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