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[Solved] OCI Load Balancer Throwing Error: 502 Bad Gateway

[Solved] Load Balancer On Cloud (OCI) Throwing Error: 502 Bad Gateway Configured load balancer on Oracle Cloud (OCI) and hitting 502 Bad Gateway while accessing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI), Then Check to learn Step-wise & Get: ✔ Overview Of Load Balancer In Oracle Cloud (OCI) ✔ What are the Types Of Load Balancer In […]

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How To Create Compute (Linux or Windows) in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

How To Create Compute (Linux or Windows) in Oracle Cloud (OCI) Compute, Instance or Machine are used interchangeably and represents a VM or BM shapes in Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud (OCI)! Thinking, ✔ How To Create a Linux or Windows Machine in OCI? ✔ What are various options like AD, Image Source, Shape, of FD mean? […]

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[BLOG] How to Access My Services Dashboard: Oracle Cloud Updated Feature

Facing issues while accessing My Services Dashboard? If Yes! Check the blog which will show the steps to access My Services Dashboard at Want more useful Oracle updates weekly? Subscribe here:

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Subnets Are Now Regional (OCI: New Feature)

Subnets & Load Balancers in the Oracle Cloud now changed to Regional! This is a big step towards simplifying the network design and eventually means a lot less Subnets. Are You Aware About this? Watch [Video] Subnets Are Now Regional (OCI: New Feature) at & know: ✔ What is Subnets? ✔ What was Subnet […]

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[Video 4 of 5] What Is Load Balancer In Oracle Cloud (OCI) & How To Create: Step By Step

There are two type of load Balancers in Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud (OCI) Do you know what are these and when to use which one ? Or Do you know What Role does Load Balancer plays in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ? Or What steps to follow if you are asked to create and test a […]

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[Video 3 of 5] Oracle Cloud: Create VCN, Subnet, Firewall (Security List), IGW, DRG: Step By Step

You are asked to deploy a three tier highly availability application including Load Balancer on Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Then, ✔ How would you define Network, Subnet & Firewalls in Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud? ✔ How do you allow database port but only from Application Tier ? ✔ What are Ingress or Egress Security Rules ? […]

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[Video 2 of 5] 3 Ways to Connect to Oracle Cloud

There are 3 ways to connect to the Oracle Cloud! Leave a comment below and share how many you know. Note: We’ve covered these 3 ways in our 2nd video part of Networking In Oracle Cloud here:

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[Blog] [1Z0-932] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Week 1 Learning Path Cloud Concepts & IAM Concepts

In technical terms, Cloud is defined as computing services including Storage, Server, Application, Networking, Database etc… So if you are a beginner and want to start your journey in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure then Visit: and consider our new blog Covering: ✔ What is Cloud & Features of Cloud Computing? ✔ Cloud Service & Deployment […]

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[Video 1 of 5 Part Series] Networking in Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud: Who should learn & Why?

[Video 1 of 5 Part Series] Networking in Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud: Who should learn & Why? Whether you are deploying Database or Application on Cloud, the very first thing you will do is create a Network (VCN & Subnet). You then will decide which part of Application/Database is in what Subnet, What Ports to open […]

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[1Z0-932] Step By Step Activity Guides You Must Perform for Oracle Cloud Architect Certification

You learn by doing, hence I’ve created list of tasks that you must perform in Cloud to learn Infrastructure (Compute, Storage, Database, Network, IAM, HA& DR) on Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud (OCI)? Visit: & Check Step-by-Step Activity Guides to plan for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Architect (1Z0-932) Certification in 8 Weeks. Get Going […]

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