EBS R12 integration with WebCenter – Error retrieving WSDL at URL OA_HTML/ portlets/ WSRPBaseService?WSDL

This post covers issue encountered during EBS R12 integration with Oracle WebCenter.

Oracle EBS R12 integration with Oracle Webcenter Suite is explained in My Oracle Support Note # 1074345.1

For EBS-WebCenter integration :

1. You must first register WebCenter server in list of allowed servers to access EBS OA_HTML/portlets/*******.

This is done by adding webcenter server name in s_trusted_portal in Context File and run AutoConfig here and here

Note: Running autoconfig adds server name in apps.conf under $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/Apache/Apache/conf/apps.conf  (For R12)

2. You must then register EBS Suite Portlet Producer with Oracle WebCenter so that EBS Portlets can be displayed to WebCenter page .

EBS Portlet Producer can be registered with WebCenter either using WebLogic Scripting Tool – WLST : registerWSRPProducer or using FMW Control /em of webcenter (GUI).

If you register Portlet Producer in webcenter and hit error like


Error occurred while performing mbs.queryNames(objname) for “oracle.webcenter.portlet:name=ProducerManager” None

Error retrieving WSDL at URL “http://innowave12.com:80/OA_HTML/portlets/WSRPBaseService?WSDL”

Then check following things

a) Check if WebCenter server can telnet to EBS on port 80 (web port) – If not then check if EBS Middle Tier is up and EBS Apache port is open (80 in this case) between WebCenter and EBS

b) Check if you can access URL http://innowave12.com:80/OA_HTML/ portlets/WSRPBaseService?WSDL from webcenter machine . Use tool like wget on Unix

c) If from wget you get error code 500 , then check EBS Suite OC4J logs (Oracle Container 4 Java). For log location in EBS R12, click here

In my case error message was 403 – Access Denied which means EBS Suite has denied access to WebCenter Server for URI /OA_HTML/portlets/WSRPBaseService?WSDL

Output from wget http://innowave12.com:8000/ OA_HTML/portlets/ WSRPBaseService?WSDL  (from webcenter node)


Connecting to

> innowave12.com[]:8000… connected.
> HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 403 Forbidden
> 16:51:49 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

This message means that WebCenter server can connect to EBS Suite server but access to URI OA_HTML/portlets/WSRPBaseService?WSDL is denied by server (ERROR 403: Forbidden)

If you check EBS Apache Server access_log & error_log (for log location in EBS R12 click here )

[Mon Jan 30 11:10:20 2012] [error] [client] [ecid:1327921819: :6094906:0:1167,0] client denied by server configuration: /OA_HTML/portlets/WSRPBaseService

Where  IP address of WebCenter machine is  ( is one of IP from NAT pool load balancer and request to EBS goes via load balancer)

Access to URI is controlled by configuration file

$INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/Apache/Apache/conf/apps.conf with entry like

Default Entry
<Location ~ /OA_HTML/(portlets|providers)/*>
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from localhost

Above setting allows access to portlet URL only from localhost address of EBS Middle Tier

After adding Webcenter Server hostname/IP in context file (s_trusted_portal) you should see entry like

<Location ~ /OA_HTML/(portlets|providers)/*>
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from localhost webcenterhost

Above configuration means on /OA_HTML/(portlets|providers)/* , access is allowed only from localhost, webcenterhost and

Issue: In my case request from WebCenter host to EBS goes via Load Balancer and though request to portlet originates from WebCenter Host, for EBS client is Load Balancer NAT address.

Fix: Add load balancer NAT address in s_trusted_portal in context file and run Auto Config.

More on EBS R12 Integration with WebCenter later

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Mac says February 3, 2012

Hi Atul,
I’m set up Webcenter & R12 EBS portlet, but Portlet show error final “UNABLE TO CREATE PORTLET SESSION”
Any suggest for this issue??

EBS 12.1

Webcenter & EBS SSO done.

But, I do not have synchronized EBS with OID (txkrun.pl), is it effect??


vivek says February 4, 2012

Hi Atul,
Thanks for sharing this doc.
Today your doc resolve my problem 🙂


Atul Kumar says February 5, 2012

@ Mac,
Is this user (looged into webcenter) available in both OID & EBS ?

Can you login to EBS using OAM logon ?

Can you login to Webcenter using OAM logon ?

Mac says February 5, 2012

Hi Atul,

EBS Portlet working now.
Portlet must be operated under the same account.

Thank you 🙂

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