Oracle R12/12i log file (Patch, Clone, Startup/Shutdown)

Log files are useful in troubleshooting issues in Oracle Applications. Here is the list of Log file location in Oracle Applications for Startup/Shutdown, Cloning, Patching, DB & Apps Listener and various components in Apps R12/12i:

A. Startup/Shutdown Log files for Application Tier in R12

Instance Top is new TOP added in R12 (to read more click here)

Startup/Shutdown error message text files like adapcctl.txt, adcmctl.txt…

–Startup/Shutdown error message related to tech stack (10.1.2, 10.1.3 forms/reports/web)
$INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/ora/  (10.1.2 & 10.1.3)
$INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/ora/10.1.3/Apache/error_log[timestamp] $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/ora/10.1.3/opmn/ (OC4J~…, oa*, opmn.log)$INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/ora/10.1.2/network/ (listener log)
$INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/appl/conc/log  (CM log files)

B. Log files related to cloning in R12

Preclone log files in source instance
i) Database Tier – /$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/(StageDBTier_MMDDHHMM.log)

ii) Application Tier – $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/admin/log/ (StageAppsTier_MMDDHHMM.log)

Clone log files in target instance

Database Tier – $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ApplyDBTier_<time>.log
Apps Tier  – $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/admin/log/ApplyAppsTier_<time>.log

If your clone on DB Tier fails while running  (Check metalink note – 415020.1)
During clone step on DB Tier it prompts for “Target System base directory for source homes” and during this you have to give like /base_install_dir like ../../r12 and not oracle home like ../../r12/db/tech_st_10.2.0

C. Patching related log files in R12

i) Application Tier adpatch log – $APPL_TOP/admin/$SID/log/
ii) Developer (Developer/Forms & Reports 10.1.2) Patch – $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
iii) Web Server (Apache) patch – $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
iv) Database Tier opatch log – $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage

D. Autoconfig related log files in R12
i) Database Tier Autoconfig log :

ii) Application Tier Autoconfig log –  $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/admin/log/$MMDDHHMM/adconfig.log

Autoconfig context file location in R12 – $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/appl/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME.xml

E. R12 Installation Logs

Database Tier Installation

$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ohclone.logRDBMS $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/make_<MMDDHHMM>.logRDBMS
$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/installdbf.logRDBMS $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/adcrdb_<SID>.log RDBMS
$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ApplyDatabase_<MMDDHHMM>.logRDBMS $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/<MMDDHHMM>/adconfig.log    RDBMS

Application Tier Installation


Inventory Registration:

$Global Inventory/logs/cloneActions<timestamp>.log
$Global Inventory/logs/oraInstall<timestamp>.log
$Global Inventory/logs/silentInstall<timestamp>.log

F. Other log files in R12
1) Database Tier
1.1) Relink Log files :

1.2) Alert Log Files :

1.3) Network Logs :

1.4) OUI Logs :
OUI Inventory Logs :

2) Application Tier

Tech Stack Patch 10.1.3 (Web/HTTP Server)

If I missed any important log file name/location, drop a line via comment


Oracle Apps DBA R12.2 Workshop – Install/Patch/Clone

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Hi atul,

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posts.It decrease the forum values from forum wellwisher

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Atul says December 26, 2007

Thanks Yaseen, These are spammers. I have deleted most of them and looking for moderators for deleting & moderating user posts. If anyone interested mail me at or update your ID here and I’ll grant moderator role on

pradeep says April 9, 2008

im not able to fing the APPS_UNDOTS1 as this is showing the problematic table space as it is filled by 99% and i had querried
select segment_name, tablespace_name from dba_rollback_segs; the o/p is

—————————— ——————————

is that APPS_UNDOTS1 renamed to UNDOTBS_OLD i don’t feel so when i check out with the oem-db-tablespace-administration-its not showing any used space to UNDOTBS_OLD hw can i solve this problem can i find any querry to find the path of this APPS_UNDOTS1…….

thanks and regards

Shahnawaz says July 31, 2008


Someone has reset the password of one of the user in R12,we have reverted it back, but we need to check who has reset the password and when. from where can i get this info.


kiran says April 29, 2009

Atul, We have Rel 12.0.6 instance, & not able to COPYFILE from Tools for any Conc request Output

Currently it is greyed Out

Your guiadance is required here pls


Malinda says November 21, 2009

Hi Atul,

We are using Oracle11i e biz,we are still looking for perfoming backup on our production database (i mean Live server), could you please help me the best way of perfoming backup… especially on tape backup.
which command do you preffer for tapebackup.

Please help me Atul
Malinda Ramadhani

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Kumar says November 5, 2012


This is kumar. I got one issue after cloning R12.1.1, http_server is not up.By checking log file like it shows like

Apache has not been designed to serve pages while running as root user.There are known race conditions that will allow any local user to read any file on the system. If you still desire to serve pages as root then……………………..

like that

saurabh says May 3, 2013

I want to do import of selected objecsts in oracle i have a full export of that schema.Is there is any way…

Sri says March 26, 2015

Hi Arul,

We are trying to use dmstool for Oracle EBS 12 application server 10.1.3 to list the performance metrics.Command works fine but displays very few metrics and most of the key metrics are missing.

dmstool -list -a opmn://hostname:requestport
dmstool -dump format=xml -a opmn://hostname:requestport

I dont see errors and output is displayed but with lot of missing metrics for key tables that are not found as given below


As per Oracle documents it is told that OC4J home must be running to use DMS, but when check the processes using adopmnctl we are not able to see OC4j Home.

adopmnctl status
it shows the below status as alive.

ias-component | process-type | pid | status
OC4JGroup:default_group | OC4J:oafm | 2383 | Alive
OC4JGroup:default_group | OC4J:forms | 2382 | Alive
OC4JGroup:default_group | OC4J:oacore | 2381 | Alive
HTTP_Server | HTTP_Server | 2380 | Alive

Is OC4j home not available with Oracle EBS 12 ? or what is the equivalent instance to use dmstool?
Please Help


Karthi says May 9, 2016

We have changed the default oacore logs to non default location. On similar fashion we need to change oacore_server.out files generated in $EBS_DOMAIN_HOME/servers//logs. Please advise how to change this .out file being generated to different location? Where it is configured

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