Integrating OAM with Bridge-way eCounsel.. Cntd..

This post is continuation to OAM integration with Bridgeway eCounsel application for SSO here.

The previous post covers the configuration changes required at Suite Manager console. If you access the eCounsel application through IIS server then you will see that IWA happening however a window pop-up would appear asking for credentials again.

This is because eCounsel application is deployed in WebLogic Servers and it does not honor the cookies set by OAM. Few configurations to be made at WebLogic server are explained below:

  • Login to WebLogic Admin server box.
  • Open command prompt window
  • Go to the folder <WL_HOME>/common/bin
  • Execute the wlst.cmd
  • Execute connect() and enter appropriate details.
  • Execute cd(‘SecurityConfiguration’)
  • Execute ls()
  • Execute cd(‘<domain-name>’)
  • Execute ls()
  • Observe the parameter EnforceValidBasicAuthCredentials which would be set to true
  • Execute edit()
  • Execute startEdit()
  • Execute cd(‘SecurityConfiguration’)
  • Execute cd(‘<domain-name>’)
  • Execute set(‘EnforceValidBasicAuthCredentials’,’false’)
  • Execute save()
  • Execute activate()
  • Restart all managed and admin servers for changes to take effect.

Test the eCounsel Application:

Login to Windows machine as normal AD user and try to access eCounsel application through IE browser.

Open the IE headers tool to see the OAM cookies set.

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